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InMall - Positioning

have we developed InMall app (what customer pain point does it solve)?

Everyone loves getting rewards from their favourite shops and restaurants. And the
malls are full of great deals every time we visit. But today it’s getting harder to keep
track of all the rewards we are entitled to and nobody wants to miss out on deals or
promotions. So we need help to bring all of our favourite promotions and discounts
into one app so that they don’t get lost. And we need an app that helps us to find our
way around the mall so we don’t miss any of our favourite activities.


is InMall?

InMall is a fun way to collect all our rewards in one application so that we never miss
out on a deal when we visit the mall. InMall makes sure that we maximize our
rewards, even the ones we did not know about.
InMall has a fun game to catch monsters which earn special rewards for us, such as
previews and launches of new products exclusive to InMall users. Our monsters will
make sure that we hear about our favourite deals and promotions before other people.
And when we get to the mall, the directory helps us find our favourite store or
restaurant, and help us discover new places to spend the rewards that we have won in
the game.


is going to love InMall?

Everyone who likes to visit the malls is going to love InMall.
All Thai shoppers love a deal and rewards, no matter their age or income, and
everyone who loves to receive exciting and personalised rewards is going to love
InMall. Loyal Mall users will love the promotions and deals. Occasional mall users will
love the directory and map so that they never get lost and everyone can find their
favourite stores and restaurants.
Everyone can play the game to collect monsters. Dads and kids can help mum by
playing the game to catch more monsters to earn more rewards.
InMall is a great way to chat with new friends who share the same passion for the
same brands. Meet in your favourite store and carry on the chat in the app.


will people use the InMall app?

Everytime we go to the mall we use InMall to help us.
Because the InMall app can accurately place our position in the mall we are able to get
our rewards at the most important time - when we really need them at the point of
purchase. A reward at Starbucks is more valuable to us when we are standing in front
of the coffee shop and can use it immediately.


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